Oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. Although it’s said to wrinkle less (YAY!) all that oil usually just turns a perfectly caked face into an oil-slick mess by lunch. Not cool! Which is why you need to know how to prep and beat-up like a pro, to guarantee that your makeup stays hella fresh throughout the day. Here are our ride-or-die makeup hacks for combatting oily skin:

1. Use the right primer

A mattifying primer is essential if you want your makeup to stay oil-proof around the clock. Firstly, it’ll soak up any excess oil that’s sitting on the surface of your skin, and secondly, it’ll blur and smooth out your pores. Stay clear of any radiance or oil-based primers as these could make your skin look greasy. Instead, look for water or silicone-based primers as these typically have a slightly thicker consistency to soften the appearance of large pores and scars. Primers that contain oil-absorbing ingredients like salicylic acid and witch hazel will also help minimize shine throughout the day.

2. Find your ultimate foundation match

When choosing your foundation, ALWAYS keep your skin in mind. First, check the bottle to see if a skin type is listed, as often formulas will contain different ingredients to complement a specific skin type. Then consider the finish; for oily skin, opt for a long-wearing, matte finish.

Oil-free or mineral foundations are ideal, although remember that oil-free foundations often oxidize (turn yellow or orange) throughout the day, so always ask for a tester before you buy.

3. Set your look

A setting powder is crucial for oily skin as it’ll help lock in your look all day long, plus it’ll help smooth out your complexion. If you don’t get super oily and want to achieve a dewy finish, apply a light dusting of powder to your T-zone as these are the areas that get oily. However, in general, we’d recommend setting all over to keep your look on lockdown.